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Heath and Reach Parish Council

Managing an historic village in South Bedfordshire.
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Heath and Reach Parish Council multiple screen displays

Heath and Reach Parish Council Website

A crisp contemporary look packed with an efficiency of purpose. 

As times have changed and regulation grows, from the earliest of days of web pages until 2018, like many small organisations with large remits such as parish councils, Heath and Reach Parish Council found their internet presence was outdated, lacking in areas of compliance and not really delivering to its full potential.

They offered a tender opportunity which Simplink Communications entered against strong competition. On the back of a comprehensive scoping document providing a detailed analysis of needs and solutions, we were awarded the contract. Work commenced in July 2018 and proceeded along an agreed timeline to delivery as required and when required. 

Full, ongoing communication of the project development was supplied to the parish council and a strong, efficient relationship with the Parish Clerk was developed to ensure appropriate oversight. This strong relationship was an essential development condition of the tender as Simplink understands the necessity of getting the compliance issues absolutely nailed down to the letter of all regulation. Such was the healthy nature of this relationship that in the process various elements and developments were possible which have produced a site of outstanding functionality and purpose serving the inefficiencies required by the council. 

As a consequence of this strong teamwork, always a feature of a Simplink project, the website is now jointly managed by the client and Simplink Communications delivering a service of updated meeting agendas, local news reports, diary booking systems and ongoing organic changes to keep the site fresh and relevant. 

You can visit the Heath and Reach Parish Council Website by following this link


Services provided

Accessibility Monitoring

Continuous Web Development

Dedicated Email addresses

Joint Content Management

Joint Social Media Management

Staff training as required

Website Hosting

Website Management & Maintenance