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About the Owner

Barrie Simpson established Simplink Communications in the late 1970s. At that time Barrie worked for a group of companies which included High Street Insurance Broking,  an  International Holiday Tour Operator, Travel Agencies, a Property Company, a Contract Cleaning Services Company and an Italian Restaurant. In this diverse environment, lines of communication within the management structures were complex.

Barrie was tasked by the Board of Directors to develop lines of communication between the interdepartmental hierarchies that improved operational efficiency. This task required a forensic analysis of both the structure of management and the flow of information. Such information management tasks were the precursor to computerisation of office and management systems. 

The introduction of computerised back-office administration systems required a managed transfer from outdated technologies, Rolodex, filing cabinets, typewriters et al., to digital information management systems and electronic databases. Simplink found itself at the pioneering stage of such work as it also has been with the introduction of e-mail and the creation of business websites.

The consequence of this ‘foundation’ status is that the experience within Simplink is of unusual depth and professionalism. Being a ‘0.0’ entrant into the business of digital systems and information management has allowed the development of bespoke solutions which are scalable and applicable to organisations large and small. Simplink’s portfolio of commercial websites and digital marketing strategies combined with a disciplined approach to compliance proves a history of primary involvement in ground-breaking innovations. Attention to detail, a pre-requisite of all of Simplink’s work, then provides professional excellence as the foundation of all projects undertaken.

Simplink has grown organically and now excels in offering these bespoke solutions and website construction for SME end-users. 

Barrie Simpson